Joanna Surowiecka, Katarzyna Komosińska-Vassev, Paweł Olczyk, Krystyna Olczyk

Analiza składu suplementów diety zawierających żelazo w aspekcie bezpieczeństwa ich stosowania u dzieci

Analysis of the composition of dietary supplements with iron in case of safety of their use in children · Iron is an important element involved in cognitive development of child, and IDA is most often diagnosed micronutrient deficit worldwide. In order to supplement the dietary deficiencies with commonly used preparations, both among adults and children are vitamin and mineral supplements.However, both deficiency and overloading is dangerous for the child’s health. The aim of the study was to evaluate the tested dietary supplements in terms of the amount of iron delivered according to the quantity and dosage given on the packaging in relation to the RDA for this element of the studied groups of children. Neither of supplements has a detailed dosage divided into the age and sex of people for whom it was recommended. The analysis shows large discrepancy between the iron demand and the amount of iron supplied.

Keywords: dietary supplements, iron, children, anemia.

© Farm Pol, 2018, 74(12): 693–698