"Farmacja Polska" – ISSN: Printed 0014-8261; ISSN: On-line  2544-8552


EDITOR-IN-CHIEF –  dr hab. Bożena Karolewicz, Department of Drug Form Technology, Faculty of Pharmacy, Medical University of Silesian Piasts, Wroclaw, Poland, e-mail: bozena.karolewicz@umed.wroc.pl ; farmacja@ptfarm.pl



The editor-in-chief is responsible for the scientific quality of the journal, in particular for:

• obtaining valuable scientific content for publication in the journal,

• organization and implementation of the review process of submitted works,

• substantive content of individual issues of the journal,

• propagation of the published content and promotion of the journal in the scientific and professional environment.

MANAGING EDITORmgr Hanna Plata, Polish Pharmaceutical Society, Warsaw, Poland, e-mail: h.plata@ptfarm.pl



The managing editor is responsible for the daily functioning of the editorial office, including:

• organization of editorial work,

• operational implementation of the publishing process, including timely issuance of individual issues,

• supervising the publishing process,

• office and financial services for the magazine, including for concluding the necessary contracts,

• supervision over the work of external entities supporting the editorial work,

• supervision over the functioning of the website and development of the journal's website at https://polishpharmacy.ptfarm.pl and https://www.ptfarm.pl/wydawnictwa/czasopisma/farmacja-polska

• conducting editorial activities in accordance with the provisions of the press law and other applicable regulations, including the internal regulations of the Polish Pharmaceutical Society,

• cooperation with stakeholders, including conference organizers and the media.

STATISTICAL EDITOR –  dr Dominik Marciniak, Department of Drug Form Technology, Faculty of Pharmacy, Medical University of Silesian Piasts, Wroclaw, Poland, e-mail: dominik.marciniak@umed.wroc.pl



The statistical editor with relevant experience and knowledge in the field of applying statistical methods is responsible for:

• verification of statistical methods used in the published content, supporting the editor-in-chief in this respect.


TECHNICAL EDITOR – mgr Joanna Czarnecka


Publisher: Polish Pharmaceutical Society

Publisher adress: Dluga St 16, 00-238 Warsaw, Poland

Adrress for correspondence: 

Editorial office adrress: Dluga St 16, 00-238 Warsaw, Poland

Editorial phone numer: +48 71 784 03 15

Correspondence regarding publications:
e-mail: h.plata@ptfarm.pl
e-mail: farmacja@ptfarm.pl


Selection of the editors of the journal "Farmacja Polska"

  • The Editor-in-Chief and Statistical Editor of the journal "Farmacja Polska" are elected for a calendar year.
  • The term of office of the Editor-in-Chief and Statistical Editor begins on 1 January of the following calendar year after his election.
  • The Editor-in-Chief and the Statistical Editor are elected by the Main Board of the Polish Pharmaceutical Society (PTFarm).
  • Each year, the Main Board of PTFarm decides to extend the current term of office for another term or not to extend the term of office of the Editor-in-Chief and the Statistical Editor. Such a decision must be made no later than the end of November of the year preceding the beginning of the new term of the Editor-in-Chief.
  • Before making the appointment decision, candidates shall present the concept of journal management and development, as well as a curriculum vitae in which they present achievements in research work and experience in editing scientific journals.
  • In justified cases, the Main Board of PTFarm may decide, by an absolute majority of votes in a secret ballot, to dismiss the Editor-in-Chief and the Statistical Editor during the term of office.
  • The managing editor is a full-time employee and is not subject to the above selection rules. His competences result from professional practice and the conditions that must be met when hiring a full-time job.