Gabriela Osika, Anna Wesołowska

Non-surgical methods for delaying skin aging processes

There are two main processes that induce skin aging: extrinsic and intrinsic. Extrinsic aging is caused by environmental factors such as sun exposure, air pollution, smoking, and poor nutrition. Intrinsic aging reflects the genetic background especially in terms of cell viability and proliferation potential, and depends on time. It introduces unfavorable changes in the functioning of organs and in the external appearance of the body, especially visible on the skin. Wrinkles, discoloration and loss of facial contours can reduce the quality of everyday life and disrupt human social relationships. There are now a couple of theories of aging to explain this inevitable fact of being human like: genetic, Hayflick’s, mitochondrial, biochemical and protein impairments theories. Both surgical and non-surgical aesthetic procedures are used to maintain a beneficial appearance, rejuvenation and slow down skin aging. From year to year, public interest in the use of innovative anti-aging treatments increases, enabling the preservation of youthful appearance for a longer period than it results from the physiological life cycle. Non-surgical aesthetic treatments, delaying skin aging, activate natural mechanisms of cell renewal and accelerate their metabolism, stimulate the synthesis of fibroblasts to produce collagen, which is the main building element of the skin. The most effective treatments delaying skin aging currently include, among others lifting with polydioxane threads, skin regeneration with platelet rich plasma, microneedle and needle mesotherapy, plasmage lifting as well as dermabrasion and microdermabrasion treatments combined with chemical exfoliation. Professional and systematic stimulations of cells allow lengthening and restoring the beneficial appearance of the skin in all its layers. Treatments using polydioxane threads restore the distorted face oval and lift the skin around the eyes. The procedure using platelet-rich plasma activates cell growth factors, improving the regenerative processes of mature skin. A non-surgical face lift called plasmage, allows excess tissue to evaporate in order to reduce and eliminate wrinkles and drooping eyelids. Various types of mesotherapy and dermabrasion treatments affect the reconstruction of the skin structure, reduce fine wrinkles and stimulate fibroblasts to produce new collagen and elastic fibers.

Keywords: skin aging, theories of aging, mesotherapy, platelet rich plasma, anti-aging medicine.

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Non-surgical methods for delaying skin aging processes

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