Andrzej Salamon, Ewa Dąbrowska-Zamojcin, Andrzej Pawlik

Znieczulenie w chirurgii ambulatoryjnej

Anaesthesia in ambulatory surgeries. The past ten years have showed real and considerable growth in the number and complexity of ambulatory surgeries. The remaining real problems are the postoperative pain and the adverse effects due to parenteral opioids promoting hospital readmissions and increasing costs. These events limit the expansion of outpatient surgery. Regional anesthesia techniques such as spinal anesthesia and peripheral nerve blocks are ideal techniques for one day hospital admissions surgical procedures. It is now fully demonstr ated that these techniques allowed rapid and complete anesthetic blocks, a limitation of adverse events and unplanned hospital admissions and increased the quality of prolonged optimal postoperative pain relief if continuous peripheral nerve blocks are used. This article assesses the validity of various strongly advocated opinions as to whether parturients benefit from ambulation in labor and also reviews the current trends in ambulatory labor analgesia.