Zbigniew Marczyński, Marian Mikołaj Zgoda

Formulacja i parametry granulometryczne modelowych stałych postaci leków zawierających suchy ekstrakt z wierzbownicy drobnokwiatowej

Formulation and granulometric parameters of model solid drug forms containing dry extract from small-flowered willow herb (Epilobium parviflorum Schreb.). Current phytochemical and pharmacological investigation fully justify application of small-flowered willow herb and other species of Epilobium genus in medicinal practice in prostatic pathologies. Taking it into consideration, an attempt was made to produce an oral solid drug form containing dry aqueous extract from small-flowered willow herb (Epilobium parviflorum Schreb.). Due to physicochemical properties of the dry extract, the alternative technological processes have been worked out to produce solid oral drug form containing medicinal agents. The effect of formulating components on the course of quantitative determination of medicinal agents in the produced drug form was assessed.