Krzysztof P. Kacperski

Zawartość wody w opatrunkach z gazy jałowionych parą wodną

Water contens in the gause compreses sterilized in steam. Author examined contents of water, in the sterilized gause compreses by two methods of sterilization in steam: in the vacuum sterilizer with drying and in gravity sterilizer without drying. The results are as follows: the gause compreses before sterilization contains 1,03-1,05% of water. Immediately after sterilization in gravity process the gause compresses contains 8,77% of water, in vacuum process 0,03% of water. After 1-7 days of incubation in room conditions, both compresses sterilized in vacuum either in gravity processes contains similar 1,36-1,65% of water. The contents of water before 44 days was similar: c.a. 1,5%.