Marian Mikołaj Zgoda, Marcin Woskowicz

Solubilizacja albendazolu przez wodne roztwory oksyetylenowanych estrów metylowych kwasów oleju rzepakowego w obecności wybranych substancji pomocniczych modelowej stałej postaci doustnej środka farmaceutycznego

Solubilization of albendazole by oxyetylenated rape oil methyl esters in presence of selected auxiliary substances of model solid oral dosage form. Rofamís (oxyethylated rape oil methyl esters) aqueous solutions were studied for their solubilizing effect on albendazole (poorly soluble drug). Determination of fundamental viscous parameters made possible to compute the solubilization index n/s/. This gave basis for composition of a model albendazole tablet recipe. Manufactured granulates and tablets were evaluated in terms of their quality parameters. Dissolution test has been carried out to evaluate influence of the Rofam presence on the tablet release performance. Rofams has been find out as an interesting tablet excipient extending albendazoleís solubility.