Grażyna Samczewska, Marian M. Zgoda, Kazimiera H. Bodek

Badania porównawcze dostIpnouci farmaceutycznej chlorowodorku i siarczanu morfiny z hydrooeli przeznaczonych do stosowania zewnItrznego w opiece paliatywnej

A comparative study of the pharmaceutical availability of morphine hydrochloride and morphine sulphate from hydrogels used for external use in palliative care. Model hydrogel preparations with morphine were produced for local application on the sick skin (cancer ulcers, deep bedsores). In in vitro conditions there was defined an effect of the kind of morphine salt and Carbopol on the rheological properties on the produced preparations, on pH and density of hydrogels as well as on the morphine release process from the hydrogel surface to water external compartment through a dialyzing membrane tomofan which is a model stratum corneum.