Elżbieta Czarnecka

Witaminy i antyoksydanty: brać czy nie?

Vitamins and antioxidants: to use or not? The justified indication to applying vitamins is their deficiency. Some groups of population i.e. vegetarians, slimming peoples or advanced in years are able to have deficits of vitamins. Planning the pregnancy and being pregnant women should engage the folic acid. Applying the balanced diet to the normal population is enough for the correct concentration of vitamins. Three problems are interesting and important: the role of the vitamin C in preventing and the treatment of symptoms of the cold, the role of the vitamin E for the treatment and preventing cardiovascular diseases and role of vitamins in preventing the risk and the treatment of cancers. The analysis of effects of large attempts proved, that vitamin C supplementation isn't reducing the risk of the cold incidents. Similarly did not prove clinically important effects of vitamin E in cardiovascular diseases. Evidence weren't also found that supplementation with antioxidant vitamins (A, E, C) is able to prevent gastrointestinal cancer; on the contrary it seems to increase overall mortality. The effect of selenium should be also studied. However coenzyme Q has the established position in the therapy of the cardiac failure. Applying vitamin-mineral complex maybe to cause various interactions with medicines applied at the same time.