Anna Rogowska

Dobre Praktyki dotyczące produktów leczniczych i gwarantujące ochronę pacjentów

Good Practices concerning medicinal products and guarantying patientsí protection. One of the basic rights that should be guaranteed to patients is safety of their life and health. To make it possible, government organizations began to cooperate with drug manufacturers to form procedures guarantying safety of medicinal products. Result of this cooperation are so-called Codes of Good Practices (GP): Good Laboratory Practice ? GLP, Good Clinical Practice ? GCP, Good Manufacturing Practice ? GMP and Good Distribution Practice ? GDP. Principles of GP describe processes of clinical research, manufacturing and releasing medicinal products to the market. Except of this, they describe how to control and document every stage of production process. GP are not static conception, but evolving mechanism, making possible development of pharmaceutical sector and general improvement of all these processes. Standards of GP are continuously modified and changed. The aim of this article is to describe principles of GP and connections among them.