Wiesława Stożkowska, Iga Wapniarska, Livia Nowak-Banasik

Wpływ otyłości na występowanie chorób cywilizacyjnych

Influence of obesity on the occurrence of civilization-related diseases. According to population based studies lots of civilization-related diseases are connected with obesity. More than 53% of adult Poles are overweight. It provides to dyslipidemia, cardiovascular diseases and diabetes mellitus. Because of the complexity of the pharmacological and non-pharmacological treatment new solutions in the pharmaceutical care will be beneficial. Two categories designated "prehypertension" and "prediabetes" were added to diagnosis of hypertension and diabetes. By applying the non-pharmacological treatment, which consists of weight reduction, diet, dietary sodium reduction, and physical activity, remarkable results in the health protection can be achieved. A survey carried out by the Department of Social Pharmacy indicates that pharmacists fulfill educational role in the health promotion. It should help to encourage patients to change their lifestyle and modify their dietary system.