Tomasz Bączek

Proteomika a nowotwory

Proteomics and cancers. Cancer development is the result of the accumulation of DNA changes in the genome. DNA repair defects may lead to genome-wide genetic instability and further cancer progression. More importantly, genes code the actual players in the cellular processes, thousands of proteins, which in premalignant and malignant cells can also be altered in a number of ways. The knowledge of the human genome and proteome play nowadays increasingly important role. Proteomics is now entering into the field of biomedicine with the identification of new pathological markers and therapeutic targets. Current proteomic tools allow high-throughput analyses for the detection, identification, and functional investigation of several cancer-related proteins. In this article, important proteomic research methods are described and illustrated focusing on the cancer investigations. Moreover, some applications, however still limited, are provided, evidencing the increased scientific excitement in that field of interest.