Lidia B. Brydak

Szczepionki i szczepienia przeciw grypie

Influenza vaccines and vaccination. Infections caused by influenza virus occur each epidemic season. This is a reason why influenza illness is disregarded. Clinicians of various specialties may expect different combinations of influenza symptoms, from asymptomatic infections to pneumonia and multi-organ complications. Due to post-influenza complications approximately 500 000 to 1 million of people die and from 330 millions to 990 millions are ill. Commonly available, effective and safe method of influenza prophylaxis is vaccination. In Poland there are accepted inactivated vaccines, including subunit and split vaccines. Despite clear recommendations and introduction of influenza vaccinations in Polish Vaccination Calendar as "recommended vaccinations" for some groups, there are only 7% of population immunized against influenza every year. The reason of the above situation is insufficient or false knowledge about influenza and its complications, no reimbursement system, necessity of vaccination every epidemic season, fear of adverse reactions, lack of distinction between influenza and influenza-like illness etc. National Influenza Center takes activities in the field of public health, including promotion of knowledge about influenza and also disproving of myths negating vaccinations.