Marek Stępniewski

Uwagi lekarza dla farmaceutów dotyczące przebiegu i leczenia choroby niedokrwiennej serca

Useful for pharmacist remarks of a family doctor concerning cardiac insufficiency. Signs and symptoms of cardiac infarction, on a way as often reported by a patient were described. The most important factors which may have an influence on a decision how to help victim of a heart attack or coronary insufficiency were discussed. Among others, role of depression, an important factor frequently encountered in patients with coronary insufficiency was mentioned with appropriate discussion of efficient pharmacotherapy. Arterial hypertension, one of the most frequent diseases is treated with several potent drugs. In the paper some important side-effects of those drugs were pointed out. Contemporary medicine offers to our patients very effective treatment leading to revascularisation of coronary artery, but reverting cardiac hypoxemia creates numerous medical problems mainly linked to damage of myocardium by Reactive Oxygen Species generated due to so called "oxidative burst", subsequent to a successive revascularisation. Treatment of cardiac insufficiency calls for use of many drugs administered simultaneously, in order to revert some effects related to cardiac insufficiency. It poses many problems related to their side-effects and interactions. Experience and a good advices of a pharmacist to a patient may be very helpful for successful treatment of this disease.