Ryszard Sot, Kamil Witkowski, Bożenna Kwiatkowska, Edmund Sieradzki

Wykorzystanie metody NMR i spektroskopii w podczerwieni do badania tabletek flotacyjnych i bioadhezyjnych

Use of NMR and IR methods in investigation of floating and bioadhesive tablets. The aim of the conducted studies was proving if NMR and IR-spectroscopy are useful for determination of some properties of bioadhesive and floating tablets. The photographs of the tablets were taken in different time intervals with the use of magnetic-resonant tomography. The NMR method made it possible to define differences in the internal structure and in the disintegration time of the forms under discussion. The NMR images were afterwards colour edited. It made it possible to find a correlation between the amount of the active substance released from a tablet and the loss of its volume. Spectrophotometric analysis was made with the use of two techniques: fotoacoustic and reflective. The achieved results didnít show any differences between particular series of tablets. Those modern forms were also photographed with a digital camera to show better their disintegration and changes taking place on their surfaces.