Justyna Kołodziejska

Wpływ lepkości podłoża hydrożelowego na dostępność farmaceutyczną ibuprofenu sodowego z modelowych stomatologicznych preparatów przeciwzapalnych

Influence of hydrogel excipients viscosity on release rate of sodium ibuprofene from selected stomatological anti-inflammatory preparations. Prescriptions of model dental anti-inflammatory hydrogels with sodium ibuprofen have been worked out on the base of natural polysaccharides (xanthan gum, guar gum) and cellulose derivatives (hydroxyethylcellulose, carboxymethylcellulose sodium salt). Viscosity parameters of the produced hydrogels were investigated and an attempt was made to interpret the obtained results in relation to pharmaceutical availability of the selected anti-inflammatory drug. The carried out studies in vitro on the kinetics of therapeutic agent release from the produced model forms of the preparations to the external compartment demonstrated that the rate of sodium ibuprofen release depends on rheological properties of the gel vehicle. High pharmaceutical availability of sodium ibuprofen was observed in the case of model preparations with cellulose derivatives, which is psrticularly related to the gel with hydroxyethylcellulose having the lowest viscosity.