Andrzej Jankowski, Małgorzata Gadomska-Nowak, Lucyna Bułaś

Technologia sporządzania czopków i maści z zastosowaniem unguatora. Część II. Receptura maści

Technology of suppositories and ointments with use of unguator. Part 2. Manufacture of ointments. Unguator, advanced mixing technology, make possible a preparation of solid and semisolid dosage forms compounding in closed system, concerning homogenisation and packing in special containers relatively to the form of drugs. The aim of this part of study was the evaluation of Unguator in preparation of ointments. The apparatus was particularly tested for the solution of technological problems with incorporation of various solid and liquid medicinal substances into an ointments bases. The use of unguator improved quality of the compounded ointments and is highly recommended as useful equipment for a community pharmacy.