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Leki przeciwwymiotne

Anti-vomiting drugs. Vomiting is complication of multiple conditions, procedures and therapies. Vomiting is mediated by visceral stimulation through dopamine and serotonin, by vestibular and central nervous system causes through histamine and acetylcholine, and by chemoreceptor trigger zone stimulation through dopamine and serotonin. Treatment are directed at blockade of those pathways and affect the emetic reflex. Drugs used for symptomatic relief of vomiting include mainly: antihistamine, anticholinergic agents, and antagonists of dopamine and 5-HT3 receptors. Antihistamine and anticholinergic drugs limits vomiting resulting from vestibular system. Dopamine antagonists minimalize the effect of dopamine at the D2 receptor in the intestines and chemoreceptor trigger zone. Serotonin antagonists are effective for treating gastrointestinal irritation, postoperative vomiting and vomiting induced by chemotherapy or radiotherapy. The goal of present researches is to devolop a treatment that can block all forms of vomiting.