Joanna Nieznanowska

Rynek farmaceutyczny osiemnastowiecznej Europy na podstawie korespondencji rodziny Mozartów

Pharmaceutical market of the eighteenth century Europe in the correspondence of the Mozart family. The litterary heritage left by the Mozart family is a unique phenomenon. Counting approximately 1500 positions, it consists mainly of letters and travel notes, but also of official documents, music catalogues and even some dramatic and poetic efforts. The wide range of subjects discussed and the quality of information contained in the correspondence makes it a priceless source for researchers interested in any aspect of history and culture of the eighteenth century Europe. The letters of the Mozart family are an interesting reading for a medical historian, too. Among medical contents of the Mozartsí letters, we find vast and fascinating information on pharmacy. Apart from the names and recipies of more than 100 medicines used by the Mozarts or by their friends, we find there some interesting data on local variations of the pharmaceutical market of the countries and cities visited by the famous family - the variations that sometimes surprised the Mozarts themselves.