Stefan Piechocki, Roman Dobrucki

Salicylan sodu jako substancja przyspieszająca uwalnianie ze stałych postaci leku na przykładzie dimenhydraminy

Sodium salicylate as substance accelerated release from solid dosage forms, for example dimenhydrinate. The influence of 13 different substances on accelerating the dissolving of the dimenhydramine from the capsules was examined in the first stage. On the basis of received results 5 auxiliary substances which in the best way accelerate the dissolubility of the active substance were chosen and the tablets were made out of them. During the examination of the speed of the releasement of dimenhydramine from the tablets, also the influence of addition of different auxiliary substances on the speed of dissolving the dimenhydramine from the tablets was evaluated. The best substance that accelerated the speed of releasement was sodium salicylate.