Radosław A. Wach, Alicja K. Olejnik, Dominik Kik, Janusz M. Rosiak

Opatrunku hydrożelowe do leczenia oparzeń

Hydrogel materials in the treatment of burn wounds. Burn wounds are one of the most occurring injuries. This kind of injury is a serious problem, except its high frequency of happening, due to the complications arising during its healing. Hydrogel materials such as polyvinylpyrolidone (PVP) have been used effectively as burn dressings in direct contact with living tissue. They prevent contamination of a wound by microorganisms, inhibit the loss of body fluids, deliver oxygen to the wound and generally accelerate the healing process due to humid environment. The PVP-based hydrogel is currently being commercialized in Poland and some parts of Central Europe under the trade name AQUA-GEL. The formulation consists of 7% PVP, 1.5% poly ethylene glycol (PEG) and 1% agar. These components are homogeneously mixed in water at elevated temperature, placed in polyester moulds for solidification, crosslinked and sterilized by a beam of electrons at an absorbed dose of 25 kGy. This formulation has been proven to be an excellent burn dressing though its healing, mechanical, swelling and cooling properties.