Agnieszka Skowron, Wioletta Turska

Ocena jakości życia pacjentów z nadciśnieniem tętniczym i cukrzycą typu 2

Assessment of the quality of life among patient with arterial hypertension and diabetes type 2.The assessment of the quality of life among ambulatory patients with hypertension (HTN), diabetes type 2 (DM2) or hypertension with diabetes type 2 (HTN+DM2). The study was conducted in 4 ambulatory clinics in Cracow (Poland). Patients with HTN, DM2 or HTN+DM2 were included. Polish versions of SF-36v.2 and EQ-5D questionnaries were used with the additionary questions about age, gender, education, body mass, place of residence. The questionnaires were analysed according to available guidelines. Data obtained from 135 patients was analysed (68 patients with HTN, 22 with DM2, 45 with HTN+DM2); 49% of patients aged 61-75, 35% aged 46-60. 58% of patients were women. Women's evaluations were lower than men's ones. PCS scale was rated lower or similar to MCS scale. The lowest scores appeared in DM2 and HTN+DM2 in GH category, in HTN - in categories: RP, RE and GH. About 80% of patients had no problems with selfcare and about 60% with daily activities. Over 85% of patients experienced moderate or extreme pain or discomfort, more than 70% of patients were moderately or extremely anxious or depressed. About 75% of patients with HTN and HTN+DM2 confirmed problems with walking around. Patients with HTN estimated their quality of life lower than patients with DM2 and with HTN+DM2.