Krzysztof Gołąb, Andrzej Horowski, Maria Warwas

Kurza cystatyna jako białko modelowe w medycynie

Chicken cystatin as a model protein in medical science. Hens, eggs are more and more widely used not only for direct consumption, but also as an important material in food production and in the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry. One of the biological substances in chicken egg is cystatin, a member of cystatin superfamily. Cystatins, which are extracellular inhibitors of cysteine cathepsin, have been suggested to be involved in various diseases, including cancer. In this review the method of isolation, biochemical properties, structure and applications of chicken cystatin are described. Special attention is given to the investigations concerning with nanoparticle drug delivery systems elaboration. Cystatin incorporated into nanoparticles is a potential anticancer drug.