Dorota Szumny, Patrycja Krzyżanowska-Berkowska

Co farmaceuta powinien wiedzieć o zaćmie?

What a pharmacist should know about cataract. Cataract is a progressive disease of eye lens and one of the most common illnesses in elderly. Patients notice decrease of visual acuity and contrast sensitivity, light sensitivity increase and rarely diplopy. Lens opacification could also appear in children and young people as a congenital disease or as a result of the other eye diseases, general health diseases, traumas and drugs.
Despite having some medications slowing the progression of cataract, in fact the final way of treating it did not change for ages and it is surgical removing of the opaque lens. Nowadays the surgeon implants the artificial lens to get the best visual acuity as possible.
Keywords: cataract, lens, facoemulsification.

Co farmaceuta powinien wiedzieć o zaćmie?

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