Marcin Kasiak, Mirosława Kasiak

Wybielanie i rozjaśnianie zębów - przegląd piśmiennictwa

Teeth whitening and bleaching - review of literature. Polish OTC market is full of products meant for the teeth colour correction. There are many abrasive products like tooth pastes, inhibitors of plaque mineralization like tooth rinses or chewing gums and products whitening teeth by oxidation of colour substances trapped within enamel or dentine.
Knowledge of the products available to the patients for unassisted usage is essential in order to fulfil patient's expectations.
In this article we want to present the composition and effects of the most popular products available to patients for self-administered teeth whitening.
Keywords: tooth bleaching, toothpaste, dental esthetics.

Wybielanie i rozjaśnianie zębów - przegląd piśmiennictwa

114.12 kB | 21 grudnia 2017