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Nowa rola farmacji szpitalnej

The new role of the Hospital Pharmacy.
The Central Cytotoxic Department in Hospital Pharmacy of W.S.S. M. Kopernik in Łódź was created in 2007. Hospital Pharmacists prepare about three hundred cytotostatic and monoclonal antibodies infusions a day for patients with cancer desease. The Central Department is equipped with a computer system for gravimetric method of drug infusions and shots preparation. Gravimetric production is based on using the density parameter for drug preparation. This method of work allows for optimization of all process of cytotoxic infusions preparation, full documentation and rational using drug remains.
Work according to the procedures and quality standards protects pharmacists from cytotoxic contamination and makes workplace safe.
Keywords: Central Cytotoxic Department, gravimrtic production, cytostatics infusions preparation

Nowa rola farmacji szpitalnej

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