Fedorowicz Olga, Kempczyńska Magdalena

Postępowanie z lekiem cytotoksycznym w aptece szpitalnej.

Proceeding with cytotoxics drug in a hospital pharmacy.
Cytotoxics drugs indicate potential threat of medical staff,s health. It includes cytostatic, immunosupresive drugs and monoclonal antibody. The personel having direct contact with the drugs have to fallow the security precautions, as the personel can be affected by potential carcinogenic influence, disfunctions of reproductive functions, toxic liver, kidney or skin damages and increased number of blood and blood vascular system diseases. Hence précised procedures of dealing with cytotoxics drugs during transport, distribution, storage, preparation and emergency situation associated with breakage of vial with the drug, are made.
Keywords: Hospital Pharmacy Service, cytotoxics drug, clean rooms, emergency situation, procedur es, spill kit

Postępowanie z lekiem cytotoksycznym w aptece szpitalnej.

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