Ł. Sobotta, J. Mielcarek, S. Sobiak, M. Wierzchowski

Antrachinony - małe cząsteczki, duże nadzieje

Anthraquinones - small molecules big expectancy
Anthraquinones are a big group of compounds. Due to interesting properties they apply to chemist industry, technology and also to medicine. Many researchers are trying to - nd new strategies of cancer treatment using new, more active compounds, in which antraquinone are very important. The main purpose of this paper is a review of importance of anthraquinones in medicine..Keywords: anthraquinones in medicine, biological activity, antineoplastic activity, antimalarial activity.

Antrachinony - małe cząsteczki, duże nadzieje

476.45 kB | 21 grudnia 2017