P. Stasiak, M. Sznitowska

Zastosowanie hodowli komórkowych w badaniach biofarmaceutycznych

Application of cell culture models in biopharmaceutical research
Cell culture models imitating biological barriers present in living organisms enable investigation of transport, cytotoxicity and accumulation of xenobiotics in the cells which allows for selection of compounds bearing desired biopharmaceutical properties. This approach not only reduces considerable costs of animal experiments, but is also ethically justi ed. The present paper is a brief review of basic properties and applications of cell lines in pharmaceutical sciences as well as describes basic procedures aiming at establishment and maintenance of the cell cultures. Methods of transport and uptake studies of the xenobiotics by cell monolayers are presented as well as the in uence of ABC transporters on drug absorption is highlighted.
Keywords: cell cultures, drug transport studies, P-glycoprotein.

Zastosowanie hodowli komórkowych w badaniach biofarmaceutycznych

360.38 kB | 21 grudnia 2017