B. Karolewicz, J. Pluta

II. Nowe rozwiązania w technologii leków wziewnych

II. Development of pulmonary drug delivery technologies
In Part II of this review, modi cation of chemical structure of substance i. e. prodrug approach, conjugation substance with macromolecules and methods for enhancing drug absorption from the lung have been investigated. Viable and recent strategies to accelerate drug transport across respiratory epithelia or to decrease the rate of local degradation processes are reported. In this part have been described innovation in DPI, MDI and nebulization.
Keywords: novel alternative methods for the pulmonary delivery, prodrug, polimer-drug conjugates, methods used for enhancing pulmonary absorption, new inhalers.

II. Nowe rozwiązania w technologii leków wziewnych

654.61 kB | 21 grudnia 2017