K. Zamiara

Twórcy Polskiego Towarzystwa Toksykologicznego

The President's characters of the Polish Society of Toxicology
This paper presents the most signi cant achievements of professors Polish toxicologists. Professor Rusiecki was the father of experimental toxicology in Poland and head of the rst chair of toxicological chemistry in Poland, found in the Warsaw Medical Academy. Professor Jacek Brzeziński was one of the founders of the Polish Society of Toxicology, where he held many positions of responsibility, including that of Chairman in the years 1981-1987. He also founded and was the Editor-in-Chief of Acta Poloniae Toxicologica, the journal of the Polish Society of Toxicology, which has helped many of us to established our - rst contacts with the international scienti? c community. They were a co-founder of the Polish Toxicological Society, the ? rst Polish umbrella organization gathering representatives of numerous professions, but ? rst of all people aware of health risks arising from the presence of chemical compounds in every day.
Keywords: Polish Society of Toxicology, toxycology, history.

Twórcy Polskiego Towarzystwa Toksykologicznego

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