Marzena Jamrógiewicz, Maria Żebrowska, Jerzy Łukasiak, Małgorzata Szmitowska

Silikonowe preparaty do leczenia powierzchniowego blizn

Silicone therapy for topical scar treatment
Hypertrophic scars and keloids are formed as a result of abnormal wound healing process and present an enormous problem for patient, causing pain, pruritus or contractures. Therapy of scars is very difficult and requires long time. None of treatments actually used proved to be effective in all cases. Recently, silicone gels and silicone gel sheetings are coming into prominence in scar therapy. Here we present different types of silicone polymers, used in dermatological products, their chemical structure, activity and application. Different pharmaceutical forms and existing theories according to mechanism of action on scars were also presented.
Keywords: scars, silicones, gel sheeting, creams, gels.

Silikonowe preparaty do leczenia powierzchniowego blizn

363.98 kB | 21 grudnia 2017