Arkadiusz Kazula, Ewa Kazula

Wykorzystanie PNA w terapii genowej

Utilization of PNA in gene therapy
Peptide nucleic acids, or PNAs, are oligonucleotide analogs in which the phosphodiester backbone is replaced with a polyamide structure. PNA is one of the most promising new molecules for recognition of nucleic acids. First synthesized less than 20 years ago, they have received great attention due to their several favorable properties, including resistance to nuclease and protease digestion and stability in serum, and their high affinity for RNA and single and double-stranded DNA targets.In this artcle we present date obtained on the PNAs utility in gene therapy and medicine diagnostics.
Keywords: peptide nucleic acids, PNAs, molecules, RNA, DNA, gene therapy, diagnostics.

Wykorzystanie PNA w terapii genowej

621.34 kB | 21 grudnia 2017