Wanda Balińska-Miśkiewicz

Astma oskrzelowa u dzieci - odrębności diagnostyczno-terapeutyczne

Differences in diagnosis and treatment of childhood asthma
Childhood asthma is the most common chronic disease in the industrialized countries. It is chronic inflammatory disorder leading to recurrent episodes of wheezing, cough and breathlessness. In children 5-year-old and younger asthma has non-specific and diverse symptoms. A confident diagnosis of asthma is difficult particularly in infants. Diagnostic procedures encounter limitations in cooperation with young children.
Difficulties in diagnosis result in necessity of long-term follow-up, requiring the differential diagnosis and observing the child's response to bronchodilatator and anti-inflammatory treatment. Asthma treatment should be individualized. However, the evidence base for pharmacotherapy in small children is very limited. Comparing with adults the pharmacokinetics of anti-asthmatic drugs is also different.
Keywords: asthma, children, asthma phenotypes, diagnosis, treatment.

Astma oskrzelowa u dzieci - odrębności diagnostyczno-terapeutyczne

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