Katarzyna Basista

Propolis - naturalny produkt o właściwościach immunomodulujących i przeciwwirusowych i jego potencjalne zastosowanie w terapii wspomagającej u pacjentów HIV-pozytywnych

Propolis - natural product with immunological and antiviral properties and its potential use in additional therapy in case of HIV-positive patients
Despite the fact of development of methods of drug research AIDS is still incurable disease. Nowadays the drugs which are use for treating this disease have a lot of side effects. Worse, the resistance occurs very quickly and the virus destroys organism by making it susceptible to infections due to lack of immunity. Apart from searching new synthetic drugs which will be effective to treat HIV patients, researchers test natural products in case of anti-HIV activity. Among numerous natural products they also test propolis and its antiviral activity. It occurs that propolis has immunological properties and it inhibits virus fusion with lymphocyte but full mechanism of action is not completely explained. The clinical trials have not been taken yet but in vitro studies show that propolis can be use like additional therapy in the course of HIV infection. Furthermore propolis seems to demonstrate a synergistic effect with zidovudine.
Keywords: AIDS, propolis, HIV infection, natural products, antiviral activity.