Katarzyna Małolepsza-Jarmołowska

Kierunki badań w leczeniu ginekologicznych stanów zapalnych

Trends in treatment of gynecological inflammatory diseases

The treatment of inflammatory conditions of the vagina is based on antibiotics and chemotherapeutics. However, despite the use of latest generations of these active substances, fully satisfactory therapeutic effect is not often achieved. Moreover, the problem cannot be solved by using therapeutic systems containing acidifying agents and lactic acid bacilli.
Frequent recurrences of gynaecological inflammatory conditions constitute a significant problem that should be solved in this therapy.
Own studies were performed with the use of lactic acid complexed with alkaline polymers that dose the active substance on the basis of lactic acid hydrolysis. Complexes with a definite mole ratio of the components acidify the environment in a prolonged manner to pH 3.8–4.4. In vivo studies demonstrated regression of vaginitis and restoration of physiological bacterial flora.
Keywords: lactic acid complexed with alkaline polymers, hydrophilic intravaginal preparations with lactic acid, vaginal infections, anti-inflammatory drugs, vaginal pH.