Zbigniew Bednarkiewicz, Maria Krzemińska-Pakuła

Leki przeciwpłytkowe

Antiplatelet drugs

Antiplatelet agents are the most important groups of drugs in therapy of acute coronary syndrome, after coronary angioplasty with bare metal or drug eluting stents implantation, also in stable coronary artery disease, especially in patients with diabetes and in secondary prevention of stroke. During last thirty years several new antiplatelet drugs were being evaluated ex prasugrel, ticagrelor.
Dual antiplateled therapy with aspirin and clopidogrel is more effective in reducing stent thrombosis, especially in DES, and it is recommended in extending prophylaxis for at least one year. There is therefore a need to optimize antiplateled therapy in terms of efficacy and tolerability.
Keywords: antiplatelet agents, aspiryn, clopidogrel, acute coronary syndromes.