Paweł Biernat, Janusz Pluta, Beata Borak, Weronika Jamiołkowska

Badanie zjawiska adsorpcji substancji leczniczych (błękitu metylenowego, diklofenaku sodowego, famotydyny) na powierzchni nanosfer krzemionkowych

Study of silica nanospheres drugs (methylene blue, diclofenac sodium, famotidine) surface adsorbtion
Nanostructures are new class of materials which have great potential and may have found new possibility of using in medicine or pharmaceutical industry. One of them are silica nanostructures that due to their characteristic (size, shape, specific surface) can be used as new drug carriers. Most important features are: large specific surface, late immunological answer, a lot of hydroxyl groups on surface. In this study we have found that adsorption of drugs on the nanospheres surface is possible and it depends of chemical characteristic of adsorbed substances.
Keywords: nanostructures, silica, adsorbtion, desorbtion, methylene blue, diclofenac sodium, famotidine.