Monika Jakubowska, Anna Żebrowska-Szulc, Edmund Sieradzki

Zastosowanie nanotechnologii w preparatach kosmetycznych

Nanotechnology in cosmetics
Nanotechnology, as a science about materials, particles and tools in size of nanometres, was born in fifties of XXth century. It brought an enormous progress in the field of biology, chemistry and other disciplines, for example cosmetology. Today nanostructures are ingredients of cosmetic products where they occur as potential carriers of active substances. Liposomes, nanosomes and other nanocarriers are believed to be the best form of effective transport through the skin barrier. Thanks to them, all sorts of ingredients, which are compounds of modern cosmetics, can be delivered into deeper layers of the human skin. An overview of nanostructures, their advantages and disadvantages, methods of production and also cosmetic products which contains nanocarriers is presented in this review.
Keywords: nanoparticles, liposomes, carriers, phospholipid layer.