Iwona Krynicka, Anna Żebrowska-Szulc, Edmund Sieradzki

Wpływ bazy samoemulgującej i czynników nawilżających w kremach do twarzy na poziom nawilżenia skóry

The influence of emulsifying waxes and moisturizing factors of face creams on the level of skin moisture

Emulsifying waxes improve the manufacture of cosmetics because they provide an appropriate appearance and they compliment the active ingredients. There compounded and examined two groups of creams based on the emulsifying waxes Tego Care 150 and Lanette N. The received preparations contained various moisturizing factors. There examined and assessed moisturizing effectiveness of hialuronian acid, MOIST24TM, Hydrolite-5 and glycerin in depend on type of emulsifying waxes and concentration of active ingredients. The research was conducted on 20 women with different skin types (dry, oily, combination and normal) and from different age groups (20 to 59). The level of skin moisture was checked by using SKINTEST plus. The results were elaborated by using MS Excel program and STATISTICA.
Keywords: Emulsifying waxes, hyaluronic acid, MOIST24TM.