Mirosław Szeligowski, Dariusz Kreczmer, Wojciech Krajewski, Andrzej Stańczak, Beata Welk

Ekonomiczne aspekty stosowania w warunkach szpitalnych płynów infuzyjnych w różnych typach opakowań

Economic aspects usage in hospital infusion solution in various types packages

This paper presents the results of the comparative studies concerning the functionality and the usage cost of the infusion solution preparations in three types of packages. The study groups were 671 units of the preparations in polyethylene packages – Kabipack and Ecoflac. The control group (353 units) was infusion solution preparations in the polyethylene standard packages of a cylinder shape. The solution loss was observed significantly more frequent in the control group than in the studied packages. Furthermore, this finding follows the real increase of the involved units cost. The conducted comparative analysis shows that the undertaking of the optimal bidding decisions should be based on the pharmacoeconomic analysis made by hospital pharmacists who contribute to the reasonable spending of the financial resources.
Keywords: pharmacoeconomic analysis, polyethylene packages: standard, Kabipack, Ecoflac.