Bożena Karolewicz, Janusz Pluta, Elżbieta Sienkiewicz

Wyroby medyczne stosowane w aptece szpitalnej przy produkcji leków cytotoksycznych i innych leków do podania pozajelitowego

Medical devices used in hospital pharmacy in the production of cytotoxic drugs and other medicines for parenteral administration

Due to the problems that can occur during routine handling of cytotoxic drugs and other toxic substances or drugs administered parenterally with ampoules and vials, making aseptic process, or during their administration, appeared on the market have special facilities for the collection and transfer of drugs. The purpose of their use is to prevent or minimize possible contamination. These are usually needleless systems for the preparation, collection and transfer of substances from different types of containers: vials, bags, syringes and so-called closed systems (the closed-system) which are two level of protection recommended by The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health in order to prevent release of aerosols and thereby minimize the chance of occupational exposure of pharmacists and medical personnel. In the review given examples and applicability of selected systems in the work of a pharmacist.
Keywords: medical devices, production of cytotoxic drugs, ‘closedsystem’, needle-free systems.