Jan Mieszkowski, Alicja Pałys, Krzysztof Sobiesiak, Elżbieta Budzisz

Biotechnologiczne aspekty syntezy penicylin

Biotechnological aspects of penicillin syntheses

Biotechnology is for contemporaneousness this that electricity was for scientists from XVIII century. Become catalyst of development of modern medicine, opening new gates in direction of self-current and self-protection of organism, and the range of led research over use of characteristic instrument for this science in treatment, there is enormous. With certitude if it’s not a biggest achievement of biotechnology it is one of most important, which has considerably brought up role of domain of this science sublime was introduction on industrial scale process of antibiotic synthesis, exactly one of their first group β-lactam antibiotics. Probably this event is the most important discovery in the history of therapeutic medicine, and the application of antibiotics to the therapy of infectious diseases may conceivably have saved more lives than any other medical development. However, numerous bunch of people related with medical sciences not seem to have consciousness of role that biotechnology already played in forming of modern health custody and treatment. Recognizing only as „instrument” in treatment, but not separated, autonomous science domain.
Keywords: biotechnology, bioreactors, β-lactam antibiotics, penicillin.