Monika Olczyk, Katarzyna Zielińska

Farmakoterapia wszawicy jako element opieki farmaceutycznej

Pharmacotherapy of head lice as an element of pharmaceutical care

Lice (pediculosis) is one of the most common parasitic diseases. Lice is a infectious disease that occurs worldwide in all climatic zones. The most common symptom of pediculosis is pruritus of the scalp. The rare complication of pediculosis is bacterial superinfection – impetigo. Detection of larvae lices on the scalp or the lice eggs on hair is the gold standard in diagnostics of pediculosis. Lice treatment is relatively simple in its early stage. It is based on the topical application of shampoos, lotions or plant tinctures. Each patient suspecting pediculosis should ask the pharmacist for advice.
Keywords: head lice, pediculosis, diagnostics, treatment.