Agnieszka Zimmermann, Rafał Zimmermann

Sprzedaż bezpośrednia produktów leczniczych

Direct distribution of medicinal products

The Polish medicinal products’ distribution market undergoes permanent dynamic changes. The new form of distribution that has occurred relatively recently (in 2009) is the so-called direct sale. The system of direct distribution of medicinal products consists in selling the products directly to pharmacies by manufacturers while wholesalers are responsible for the logistics i.e. the delivery to the pharmacies. The wholesalers’ profit is the income by the costs of distribution. Whereby the number of the chosen wholesalers cooperating with the manufacturer is limited to the several selected ones, chosen most often by tender. As a consequence the medicine isn’t available in every pharmaceutical wholesaler. The article describes the legality of such sale type and presents the evaluation of the situation given by the pharmacists’ professionals, pointing the threats to the public health resulting from such sale.
Keywords: medicinal product, legislation, public health.