Wojciech Szczołko, Stanisław Szpunt, Sebastian Lijewski, Magdalena Nowak, Stanisław Sobiak, Tomasz Gośliński

Zastosowania porfirynoidów w biomimetyce dla potrzeb farmacji, medycyny i toksykologii

Applications of porphyrinoids in biomimetics for pharmaceutical, medical and toxicological purposes

Biomimetics deals with biochemical reactions that occur in living organisms with use of chemical molecules of reactivity similar to natural compounds. Particular interest of biomimetics is focused on reactions performed by enzymes belonging to the cytochrome P450 family. P450 enzymes are responsible for biotransformation of endogenous compounds and xenobiotics, including drugs and toxins. Reproduction of these processes using artificial enzymes in controlled conditions accelerates pharmacological and toxicological studies of many substances e.g. drugs and pesticides. Moreover, it enables obtaining compounds which are not synthesizable chemically. Porphyrinoid compounds due to their structural similarity to cytochrome P450 are particularly desirable to biomimetic studies.
Keywords: biomimetics, porphyrinoids, metabolism, catalysis, cytochrome P450.
© Farm Pol, 2011, 67(7): 441-447