Dorota Haznar-Garbacz, Sebastian Polak

Czynniki fizjologiczne wpływające na biodostępność substancji leczniczej

Physiological factors affecting the bioavailability of the drugs

Approximately 86% of all medicines are administered on oral route which is the most physiological, convenient and accepted route of application. However, the achievement of the desired therapeutic effect is not always possible due to numerous factors affecting the bioavailability of the ingested drugs. These factors are related both to the characteristics of the drug substance, as well as to the innumerable aspects of the gastro-intestinal tract physiology and function. Therefore, the identification of systemic uptake mechanisms and identification of the physiological factors interfering with drug substance on the absorption site is an important element of the drug discovery. The paper presents the basic mechanisms of drug absorption from the gastrointestinal tract as well as factors affecting the bioavailability of the drug substance, with special emphasis on physiological transport mechanisms such as P-glycoprotein and other proteins of the ABC group.
Keywords: drug absorption, efflux system, ABC proteins, glicoprotein P.
© Farm Pol, 2011, 67(7): 459-470