Ewa Zawadzka, Maciej Puchalski, Kazimiera Henryka Bodek

Opracowanie modelowych przeciwzapalnych i nawilżjących kropli do oczu

Elaboration of model anti-inflammatory and moisturizing eye drops
Dry-Eye Syndrome is a nasty disease with non-specific symptoms, which appear alone or with Sjögrens Syndrome. One of treating method is the application of eye drops with nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug as an active substance. Diclofenac sodium has been chosen. Series of eye drops with different composition was obtained. Hydroxyethylcellulose was used as viscosity increasing substance. Non-ionic surfactants such as Pluronics, Synperonics and Tween 80 were also used. Dexpanthenolum was added to increase anti-inflammatory activity of Diclofenac sodium. Density, pH, surface tension (σ), osmolarity (π), viscosity (η) and release of Diclofenac sodium were determined for obtained formulations. From 80 formulations 5 were chosen as their application parameters turned out to be the most profitable. The elaborated and examined eye drops may potentially be used in the treatment of Dry-Eye Syndrome.
Keywords: eye drops, pH, surface tension, osmolarity, viscosity.
© Farm Pol, 2011, 67(10): 645-649