Marek Simon, Magdalena Waszyk-Nowaczyk

Opieka farmaceutyczna jako udokumentowana konsultacja specjalisty

Pharmaceutical care as documented specialist consultation
Description of pharmaceutical care rules in Poland shouldn’t be based only on implementation of organizational changes in community pharmacy and pharmacist education about proper cooperation with a patient and physician. It is very important to make distinction between traditional counseling and formal pharmaceutical care. Documentation should include tree phases: referral from physician or individual service commission by patient, gathering and storage data to analyze and confirmation of analysis results made by pharmacist with referral to the asking person. The result of pharmaceutical care implementation will be more effective and lower patient pharmacotherapy cost. So that pharmaceutical care should be paid by national health care system. The rules of documentation should give the base to create claim for payment which is confirmed in the same way by Pharmacist Self-Government.
Keywords: pharmaceutical care, documentation, refund.
© Farm Pol, 2011, 67(11): 729-733