Paweł Biernat, Janusz Pluta, Justyna Karolczak

Nanocząstki ceramiczne

Ceramic nanoparticles
Nanotechnology very likely posses significant role in future medicine. New direction of nanotechnology is a nanomedicine. The scientists studying possibility of using smaller doses of drugs synchronised with increased therapeutic rate and farmacologic safety. All around the world there are many laboratories and many scientists trying to discover new appliance for nanoparticles especially as a new drug carrier. Their unique structures give an opportunity to increase the bio-availability of some substances and drugs. There are studies witch are trying to confirm possible usage of nanoparticles as a new therapeutic systems releasing drugs in site of action. That gives an opportunity to use the nanoparticles in cancer therapy or carrier for vaccines. The main attribute witch characterises nanoparticles is their dimension. The largest have a diameter around a few hundred nanometers, the smallest nanoparticles have diameter 10–20 nm.
Keywords: nanotechnology, ceramic nanoparticles, new drug carriers.
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